There have been 31 occasions since the club was founded when our opponents and us have had to resort to other methods of deciding the outcome of a cup tie.

There have been three different methods used - the number of corner kicks gained in the match, the toss of a coin and the current method, the penalty shoot-out.

The first method to be used was the number of corners gained by each side in a game, which was in use until just after the Second World War ended. This method was called upon on seven occasions, all in the Merchants' Charity Cup, with Queen's going winning on four occasions and losing three times.

Up until the 60's the toss of a coin was used to separate teams, and this method was used eight times in Queen's matches, (six in the Merchants' Charity Cup, two in the Glasgow Cup) with Queen's calling correctly four times and incorrectly on four occasions.

Finally, we have the current method used for tied matches, the penalty shoot out. Queen's have been involved in these on sixteen occasions (to the end of 2015/16), and have won and lost on eight occasions.

Penalties have been required once in the Scottish Cup, six times in the League Cup, seven times in the Challenge Cup and twice in the Glasgow Cup. 

We have faced penalty shoot outs with East Fife on three occasions, Berwick Rangers, Clyde and Forfar Athletic on two, and Aberdeen, Ayr United, Brechin City, Dumbarton, Edinburgh City, Raith Rovers and Stenhousemuir once each.  

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